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About Mike Kerr Construction LLC

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Our Story

Mike Kerr Construction LLC has been in business since 2000, we have grown every year since we started and plan to grow every year from here on out, we build every home or building like it was our own.

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Some of the things that we do and have always done when building your home, I have looked at many job-sites where most of these things are overlooked, this is a major investment it should be done right.

  • we keep a close eye on layout of the structure

  • we double and triple check for square and level foundation(personally)

  • we compact the fill dirt in our foundations in lifts

  • we fill foundation block solid with 3000 psi concrete

  • we use type-s mortar on all foundations

  • we use galvanized 5/8 anchor bolts

  • we exceed code on brick tie spacing

  • we exceed code on straping

  • we use only APA rated 1/2 wall sheething & 5/8 roof decking(no OSB)

  • we use Bostich brand Hurriquake nails on all decking and sheething

  • we use galvanized nails where the sheathing meets the treated plate or band board(this connection is crucial to the structural integrity of your home)  FYI un-galvanized nails, anchor bolts and other fasteners will rust and fail in most treated wood

  • we align the rafters with the studs for proper strapping

  • we use 2x12 headers on all load bearing walls

  • we spray foam around windows, doors and all electrical/plumbing penetrations

Member of these reputable organizations:

  • Baldwin County Home Builders Association

  • Alabama Licensing Board For Homebuilders
  • National Association of Home Builders